Available power

The Raptor was designed from the beginning to be best in class and Road legal. Roads, unlike shopping centres and airports follow the contours of the land, and with this in mind the Raptor utilizes two independent rear in-wheel 2kw motors.

At full speed the motors are working a little over 30% capacity, thus increasing the operational working life and efficiency of the motors, giving you the necessary power when required to climb steep hills even under severe load

Tested at our factory we can easily climb a 20% hill from a standing start on the hill, with rider plus an additional payload of 100kg.

Available speed

The vehicle has a maximum speed of 25MPH/40kph. This can be limited as to customer requirements at the time of order, or later via our dealer network as a simple programmable change to the software.

Even programmed at full speed the hand operated twist grip throttle is both intuitive and easy to use. Within moments it is easy to master and control at very slow speeds such as 1mph and increasing gradually and controllably up to max speed. With a single battery in use the maximum speed is set at 12mph/20kph.


Recognising that The Raptor is a patrol vehicle, the power delivery system has been calibrated to operate in both pedestrian areas as well as road traffic situations.


The Raptor has fantastic handling both on the public roads and in pedestrian zones. This is due to the ultra-low Centre of gravity afforded by it’s unique design. With such a stable ride, this makes the Raptor the perfect choice for any application.


The Raptor can offer up to 3 battery configurations. Under testing, each battery can provide up to 30km range – giving a 90km total range with all three in place (subject to duty cycle). This is achieved by use of the latest lithium ion cell technology, electronic management systems and an efficient design.

We realise that not all applications require the same performance, both in range and speed. For this reason the Raptor will operate on a single battery pack. At time of order you can select one, two or three battery pack options with as many spare packs as you require. Additional batteries are useful, as the Raptor’s batteries are interchangeable cassette type that simply slide in and out.

What this means for you is no down time while the battery is charging, as the spare can be charged at base while the vehicle is in use. Also, The Raptor’s internal control system automatically recognises the number of batteries inserted into the vehicle.


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