Safety, durability and performance.

The Raptor officially leads the ESV industry in speed, battery life and overall performance.

Security: designed from the ground up.

If security is your business, then The Raptor was made for you.

Proven results, again and again.

The Raptor’s modular design allows you to tailor the vehicle precisely to your needs.

Latest News

Check out all the latest news about The Raptor.

The Raptor

Whoever you are, and wherever you work, you can be absolutely sure that The Raptor will keep you, your premises and your people as safe as possible. The vehicle’s modular design also allows you to tailor a Raptor precisely to your needs. So, from optional dust and weather covers, to siren attachments or even proximity tags that allow you to lock down the Raptor in an emergency, we can help you easily customise the perfect Raptor for your working environment.

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