Applications of the Raptor

The market spans the globe and is diverse in both its location and use. For world Governments and forward thinking businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint whilst increasing their efficiency, the Raptor is a genuine green transportation solution.

Some applications of the raptor include…  

  • Police Forces: For patrolling around city centres, airports and events.
  • Private Security Companies: For patrolling private grounds such as university campuses, large company industrial sites, business parks, car parks, hospitals, indoor & outdoor shopping centres.
  • Local Government Councils To mobilise parking attendants, community officers, and park keepers.
  • Postal Services: For end of line deliveries.
  • Paramedics: For city centre access to pedestrian areas
  • Theme Parks
  • Large Campsites
  • Event Management: Such as sports fixtures, concerts and festivals
  • Marinas: To make use of the Raptor’s mobility n cramped marina areas.

If making the world a safer place is your business, then The Raptor 2.0 was made for you. When it comes to ESVs, our vehicle is an entirely different animal. The specifically designed Rear Wheel Drive provides the kind of incredible performance that meets exacting demands of law enforcement. The Raptor 2.0 provides you leagues more power than the nearest competitor.

The Raptor 2.0 is also the only ESV to have passed the stringent standards required for road legal status in the UK. This means you can be sure that whatever your policing needs, our vehicle can help you meet them – more safely and more effectively than ever before. Whatever you look after, and wherever you work, The Raptor 2.0 works for you.


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