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Safety, durability and reliability.

By far the safest in class, The Raptor was built for the law enforcement community with components designed for the demands of everyday use in law enforcement. The Raptor 2.0 combines the latest in technology and design features to create an ESV (Electronic Stand-up Vehicle) that is the leader in the market for speed, battery life and overall performance. Nothing else comes close. It allows you and your staff to operate with safely and efficiency in almost any surroundings.

Versatile, it's unique standing design is suited to various surfaces and environmental conditions. It's also completely emission free, helping you to slash operating costs dramatically running on electricity costs of only pennies a day.  The vehicle’s in wheel hub motors makes it more durable and far easier to maintain than any of our competitors’ products with belts or chains. If you or your staff work in a verity of environments, The Raptor was designed specifically to help keep you as safe as possible.

Designed from the ground up to serve and protect.

If making the world a safer place is your business, then The Raptor 2.0 was made for you. When it comes to ESVs, our vehicle is an entirely different animal. The specifically designed Rear Wheel Drive provides the kind of incredible performance that meets exacting demands of law enforcement. The Raptor 2.0 provides you leagues more power than the nearest competitor.

The Raptor 2.0 is also the only ESV to have passed the stringent standards required for road legal status in the UK. This means you can be sure that whatever your policing needs, our vehicle can help you meet them - more safely and more effectively than ever before. Whatever you look after, and wherever you work, The Raptor 2.0 works for you.

Proven results, again and again.

Join the rapidly growing number of thrilled Raptor users already achieving remarkable results with the vehicle. Multiple Police Departments have already put the Raptor into service, its ability to operate for extended periods of time without changing batteries. When 24 hours of service is required, the swappable batteries allow departments like Montreal Airport Police to protect travellers around the clock. From city streets to shopping centres, The Raptor is helping law Enforcement organisations around the world keep their premises, precincts and people safer than ever before.