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Road Legal Use

One of things that puts Raptor ahead of the competition is its road legal status, something that no other ESV can boast.  It’s also a feature that opens up whole new avenues for your staff to operate, whilst retaining the industry leading user safety that our vehicle is known for.

The process of making a vehicle road legal is called 'homologation'. It is not at all easy and there are very strict rules to adhere to. Fortunately the governing bodies overseeing each country's homologation process follow similar rules, with a few slight differences particular to each nation.

VOSA Compliant

Because of our geographical location in the UK and the fact that the UK's road laws are some of the strictest in the world, it was decided to first homologate the Raptor here. If this could be achieved then it would be a relativity simple task to modify the model for each market, much the same way that major vehicle manufactures already do.

Prior to our first production model being submitted for official evaluation, nearly two years worth of work had to be undertaken with consultants working closely with both the Ecospin development team and the UK’s Vehicle and Operating Servicing Agency (VOSA).

After all tests were completed, a VOSA appointed testing facility officially recognized The Raptor as a road legal vehicle in the UK. With this initial milestone behind us, we now plan to make The Raptor the road legal security solution, and take it to every corner of the globe. It's looking good so far!