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Raptor joins John Wright and associates at 'Top Gun'

From April 22 – 26 Ecospin’s Raptor will be joining the 4th Annual JWA/GPPD Spring Classics Police Motorcycle Training Skills Competition in Arlington, Texas for what promises to be a spectacular ‘Top Gun’ event.

In its 4th year, the Top Gun event pits man and machine against a series of intricate courses and patterns for single riders and teams. From the simple ‘45 degreee pullout’ to the more demanding ‘Kaiser Cross’, the competition demonstrates the immense riding skill and control of motorcycle Police officers from across the state of Texas.

John Wright and Associates, who sponsors the event, is the distributor for Raptor in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Memphis. JWA will present the class-leading ESV at the 4 day event providing demonstration opportunities and the chance to find out more about its potential application, in assisting Police officers in their duties.

David Loomes, Director for the Raptor said, “We’re delighted to have this opportunity to support John Wright and Associates and participate at the 2014 JWA/GPPD Spring Classic. So why not come on down to check out the riders and see the Raptor in action?”